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Hi! I'm Julie Quest-Brooks. I've put together this site to introduce you to "Jesus Style" life coaching. Here's a few details about me. I live in Texas. I'm married to my soul mate, Buddy. Together, we have 4 grown children and 7 grandkids. I am a certified life development and encounter coach specializing in "Re-Building Lives." All too often difficult circumstances and transitions can do a number on who we are and especially who we think we are. I help people get back their footing and I do that with a conscious inclusion of Jesus in the process.  I am here to lend you some of my faith and expertise as a change expert.

On this site, you can find an explanation of what Life Coaching is all about together what makes Encounter Coaching unique (e.g., key is bringing Jesus into the process).

My background for the last 30+ years is a pretty solid and constant mix of real estate, building/renovation projects, mediation and ministry. I am currently an active Real Estate Broker ( in the hill country of Texas. Basically, real estate is about walking alongside people, drawing out what they want, what they don't want, helping them get what they do want, and helping them solve the problems and obstacles that get in the way. I have tons of experience with that. And, THAT is the essence of life coaching.

With regard to my coach training, I have three life coach certifications. Add to that my training in mediation, inner healing, and negotiations. Needless to say, I'm a life long learner (my husband jokes that I have more certifications than any one else he knows) so there's a lot I can draw from.

With regard to my faith, I'd call myself a serious pursuer of God. I've been around a while and so have seen a lot of what doesn't work and have found a lot of what does. I'm not finished, of course. But, over the years, I've discovered that Jesus really just wants to do life with us. My goal is to not be religious but rather Spirit led.

So, if you find yourself in a season that requires some re-building, why don't you consider an introductory session where we'll meet and discuss a coaching relationship and develop a plan that will help you get through the season. God's goal (and mine as well) is to rework and rebuild your life, to strengthen your foundation, increase your wisdom, and help you regain your joy. All this so that you can pass the same strength onto those around you. My belief is that you can be in a better place than you were before this season.

#We weren't meant to do this alone! 

Julie was very hospitable and warm in her coaching style.  She listened well and had an incredible attention to detail/teaching gifting.  Although we just met, I felt comfortable sharing. It was very helpful as we coached around a transition that holds many emotions for me.  Thanks again. It was a great gift to me.

Caris b.

I'd love to hear what really matters to you.