Identity coaching is about discovering who you are in Christ.

Who you are includes EVERYTHING about you: your likes, your dislikes, your gifts, your talents, your mistakes ... everything that you have gone through up until this point in your life and everything you will continue to go through moving forward. God takes all of it, good, bad and ugly, and invites you to co-labor with Him in this Earth toward His Good End. 

And He does it all because He wants to do life with you. 

Think about the questions below as they pertain to who you uniquely are. Perhaps one of these questions would be something we could discuss in your free coaching session. 

Let's journey together to discover who you really are in Christ.

Keep in mind: There's WAY more going on in you and around you than you know!

What are you empowered, energized, challenged by that is in accord with the nature of Christ? What is your energy level now in regard to that? What do you want to do with it?