This experience is amazing! 

It is what I call "Tag Team Coaching." Three to five coaches (including me) who have coached together for years will share being your coach. You come ready to discuss one topic and we take you through the process one coach at a time each having ten minutes or so each ... rotating until we get you to the end of the coaching conversation.

 I promise, it won't feel disjointed and you'll love all the coaches. Our goal is to make the coaching experience seamless so you end up with a full coaching experience that often is richer and fuller than one one one. We are truly "one" in heart, mind, and spirit.

While this may sound intimidating to some, this is great experience especially when it may be an especially difficult situation. There is power in numbers. 

Our fee is deeply discounted and so this is for those who can't afford full fee coaching. We do this because we enjoy being together and we want to "give" to those who may not be able to experience coaching otherwise. 

Please contact me directly at 210-535-9463 if you are interested so I can schedule with the group. Availability only on Mondays via Zoom. The discounted price for this full experience with multiple coaches is $100 for a 90 minute session.


You won’t be disappointed!

Gwen H.


“There is nothing like this team of coaches to help you dig to refine your true identity in Christ for your life’s purpose.”

Dr. Rosalyn L Smith