Life coaching, in general, is about having a purposeful conversation – usually concerning something a coachee wants to accomplish or change. It is especially helpful any time you are just feeling “stuck,” are needing to find motivation or are simply wanting to grow in an area of life. Examples include: life transitions, relationship issues, life balance, life calling discovery, and business development. 

During the coaching conversation, the coach asks questions of the coachee to help them explore options, discuss what is important and what is not, and finally come up with an action plan that the coachee wants to take. It is an amazing process and the results can be amazing as the coachee gets in touch with his/her motivation and is purposeful about making changes.

The coach/coachee relationship is unique from other types of helping professions such as counseling, mentoring, and consulting, in that the coach does NOT give advice to the coachee. We believe that the coachee is the expert of their own life and the coach is there to draw out of the coachee their own ideas, decisions, reasoning, etc. The coach, does this by asking open ended, powerful questions and that helps the coachee gain new insight and awareness toward the end that THEY want. 

I do this type of coaching AND I also do another type of coaching I call Jesus Coaching. The difference is simple. We include Jesus in the conversation. I love doing this because Jesus is not only a Master Coach*, but He has the ability and desire to help untangle our mixed up beliefs, reframe our understandings and even fill our desires – all things that impact our motivation and ability to make the changes we want to make.

In Jesus Coaching we also seek to build a “we identity” with Christ. If WE are doing life together, it’s about what WE want. This brings an added layer of exploration to the coaching process but it seriously increases effectiveness in the action steps.

So, Jesus Coaching builds onto the general life coaching I described above. I still take the coachee through the same process and ask many of the same questions but there are times we defer the conversation to Jesus.  

*Luke 2:46  Then, after three days they found Him (Jesus) in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.

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