Discover Your Thriving Performance Pattern --
This package is great for anyone contemplating a future direction change or someone who is "stuck" in the middle of something that showed great promise going into it but needs to regain their original momentum to move forward.

Are you contemplating a change? Trying to decide which direction will fit you best moving forward? and/or looking for way to end something that you are presently involved with?

Or are you in the middle of something that showed great promise but can't seem to get it over the hump of an obstacle?

The Thriving Pattern Coaching Package is designed to help you discover the ins and outs of what it takes for you to truly THRIVE ... what draws you in, what gets you going, what keeps you going and how things end with better than expected outcomes.

You will come prepared to share 3 life stories that were shining moments for you ... times when a project, activity or relationship took off and went much better than anyone, especially YOU, expected. 

The coach will spend three appointments listening and asking questions about your stories. The fourth appointment is for synthesizing, outlining, and then applying your thriving/high performance pattern to a current situation. 

At the conclusion, you will receive your unique Thriving Performance Pattern Summary Report - the coach's conclusions as to what drives you to do your "best" based on the way that you uniquely think and work and what your values naturally motivate you toward.

Discovering Your Thriving Pattern will enable you to understand:

  • what kinds of situations pique your interest 
  • what is necessary to get you motivated
  • how you assimilate information
  • what can get you off track
  • how you gain cooperation
  • who you need alongside
  • how you overcome obstacles best
  • what types of things are the most rewarding for you
  • And so much more.

In addition to  the above benefits, it is a great starting point in a coaching relationship. It allows the coach to really hone in on who you are, and you get to experience what it is like to work with the coach in an easy going, non-threatening environment.

Think about it! Who doesn't want someone to listen to several of their shining moments? And, who doesn't want to to know what it takes to gain more thriving moments? This pattern includes:

  • 3 x 60 min appointment - Stories 1, 2, and 3
  • 1 x 60 min appointment - Pattern Synopsis, Troubleshooting, and Application.  
  • Thriving Pattern Summary Report. 
  • All appointments must be booked within 6 weeks of the first booking
  • All appointments held by Zoom
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    Note: Scholarship funds available for those who qualify.

    To schedule this coaching program, please contact me directly at 210-535-9463. 



    I found the coaching session on Patterns of Performance helpful in many surprising ways. First, to be able to share them with an accepting coach proved to be very beneficial to my spirit. When I felt the affirmation from my coach, I gave myself more permission to appreciate these times of achievement and to appreciate the positive impact that they had on others. Some of the patterns that Julie picked out helped me to spark further exploration in myself. I also have been able to reflect on what I might do to foster more of those thriving patterns in the future. This exercise was well worth the time and energy invested.

    Ron H