Are you coordinating a retreat and/or spiritual gathering and in need a speaker? Some topics I teach on include:

  • Encountering Jesus (Want to increase your ability to hear the Lord? Presentation of various exercises to encounter Jesus more intimately).
  • Walking in the Spirit (The imagery from the Garden - the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil with the Tree of Life are used to help understand the difference between natural living and the abundant life).
  • Life Calling (Discussion as to what life calling is and working through various exercises to better understand your unique calling).
  • Story Rope (Telling your story by creating a story rope - great for getting to know one another more intimately).
  • Healthy Relating (Many people lack essential skills for healthy relating such as assertiveness).
  • Hope deferred or desire filled? (We are made to have our desires filled in Jesus. Presentation on on how God fills our desires).

Please contact me at 210-535-9463 to discuss what your plans and ideas are. Price will depend upon time commitment and number of participants.


I have had the privilege of being coached by Julie many times over the past several years. It has been life changing. She has coached me over a wide range of topics - from practical “next step” issues to deep things of my heart. I have benefitted greatly. Two things stand out to me when I think about what makes Julie such an effective coach. First, she is very skilled and knowledgeable in using her coaching skills. I have always felt like I can rest and be lead through the process because Julie is very competent and comfortably uses her coaching skills. The second quality that makes Julie so effective is that she has a genuine desire to help people. She gives her clients her full attention and focus. I would highly recommend engaging Julie to partner with her in life changing coaching conversations. You won’t be disappointed!

Gwen H.


Julie was very hospitable and warm in her coaching style. She listened well and had an incredible attention to detail/teaching gifting. Although we just met, I felt comfortable sharing. It was very helpful as we coached around a transition that holds many emotions for me. Thanks again. It was a great gift to me.

Caris B


Coaching with Julie has brought me real transformation. Because of her depth of relationship with Jesus, I can lean into her confidence, in my shaky areas. Julie asks insightful questions and then waits, letting me hear my own answers directly from Jesus. Coaching with Julie is like meeting up for a coffee time with her and Jesus. She makes it that easy.

Mary B